Driving the future of Freight!

Seamlessly ship your cargo, utilizing ouradvanced platform and Hands-On expertise

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The future of freight.
Shifl simplifies the complexities of the shipping industry using technology.
Bringing an outdated industry into the 21st century.
Leveraging decades of industry experience, we get your products from the factories to the final destination.
All accomplished using one simple software.
Shifl headquarters are in New York with offices around the world. Currently in China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Georgia.
We are your direct connection.
Shifl makes it efficient.
Complicated industry + a lack of visibility. = A shipping nightmare!

● Where are my products?
● When will they ship?
● When will they be released?
● When will it be delivered?

Your business thrives on efficiency.
Shifl’s advanced software turns your shipping nightmare into a seamless experience.
Reasons to shifl
Economical (see more…)
● Pay with a credit card with no processing fees.
This will,
     ○ Give you 30-45 days of added cash flow.
     ○ Give you up to 4% cashback in points.
● With automated checks and balances, nothing is overlooked, eliminating costly mistakes.
Efficient (see more…)
● Shifl is present in key ports globally.
     ○ This eliminates miscommunication.
     ○ Quickens response time.
● Shifl provides end-to-end software. Everything can be viewed, tracked, and controlled using a single platform.
Creative (see more…)
In an ever-evolving world, you need someone that

● Sees the bigger picture.
● Continuously expands on new concepts.
● Has a Can Do attitude.
Shifl knows that just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it works.
Shifl will move you ahead of your competitors.
Connected (see more…)
The Shifl connection.

● Shifl’s connection to industry sources keeps you updated in real-time.
● The ability to integrate into any system due to our open API.
● Collaborate with all involved parties using the Shifl platform.