Click. Ship. Done.

Global Freight. Reimagined.

What is shifl?
propels global shipping into the cloud age, disrupting the status quo that kept shippers in the dark, and the industry in the dark ages. Shipping made the world smaller. shifl makes it the size of your screen.
advanced software enables you to seamlessly navigate your shipments from point A to point B. From PO Management, QC Inspections, BCO Contract Management, Consolidations, Routing, Booking Approvals, Customs Clearance and Live status updates through final delivery.
Its simple - Just Click, Ship, and Done...
Reasons to shifl
Experience Matters
Been there, shipped that. shifl was founded by some of the brightest, most experienced minds in global freight. With our extensive knowledge and "out of the box" creativity we are bringing you the most efficient and streamlined digital forwarding solution.
Size Matters
Companies of any size can benefit from shifl. As your business grows, shifl will leverage our relationships to negotiate special rates and contracts on your behalf while integrating with your systems to reduce and automate workload.
Cost Matters
By leveraging today's advanced technologies shifl eliminates the tremendous workload of the forwarder and moving that savings right on to you.
shifl eliminates the costly mistakes of traditional forwarding through automated checks and balances making sure nothing get missed.
Relationships Matter
At shifl, we know that the valued relationships you have developed with your supply chain providers are invaluable. No worries, shifl integrates with your existing providers so you can enjoy all of the benefits shifl has to offer with no disruption.
Control Your Bookings
As soon as your goods are ready to ship, shifl will automatically put together all shipment information and match the most suitable shipping options for your approval. You can chose between faster or cheaper schedules, or your contract options. Monitor container efficiency, and consolidate with other goods.
Live shipment visibility
Always know where your shipment is up to. Monitor its progress on our live map.
Instant chat
No more lengthy phone calls, or searching through complex email chains to find what you are looking for. shifl allows you to communicate directly with anyone associated with your shipment.
Instant alerts and event log
shifl logs all shipping events and makes you aware of delays or shipment changes as they happen so you can be proactive about the steps you need to take
shifl share - An industry first!
No more empty containers, costly LCL's delays or expensive 20 containers! shifl share is a industry first that will combine you with another shifl customer to fill a container, and delivered right to your door without CFS delays and additional costs.